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My mission
My aim is to facilitate the logistical requirements of teams before and during their stay in France to ensure that they can concentrate on their primary objective: winning matches.
My experience as consultant and trainer as well as my expertise in hospitality, catering and nutrition enable me to understand perfectly the needs of a professional team on the road. I can support the team manager in all aspects of the team’s journey; advise him based on my local knowledge and negotiate with local suppliers on his behalf. As a single point of contact for all logistical needs, I can lighten the burden of the manager before and during the team’s stay in France, thus allowing him to focus on other areas of responsibility. Nothing should be left to chance. To win, every detail counts!
Help in planning the team’s trip Help in ensuring that you get the best service Assistance during your stayProfessional sport is demanding and teams need excellent preparation in order to achieve their goals. Playing abroad is not just playing away. A team can face any number of undesirable situations when abroad. That is why for 12 years I have been offering solutions to foreign professional rugby teams to facilitate their trips to France.
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